Casper 1,5 years

“They grow so fast”, they say, and I have to agree. It feels like yesterday I went to visit a small 6 weeks old kitten but now I’m holding a huge mountain lion. I might be exaggerating a bit but the difference is indeed big. Four years ago I never saw myself having a cat and until this say it still feel unusual to open the door and having at cat standing there. Sometimes he really is like a dog, comes and greet you at the door when you get home (but sometimes he’s just a lazy kid). Still can’t believe I’ve had him for over a year. I love this kid so much.

Capser 3Capser 2Capser 4 (kopia)Capser 5


Nine Weeks Old Ragdoll Kitten

Cat are cute, right? Kittens? Even better! Ragdoll kittens? JACKPOT!
Two weeks ago a visited a breeder I’ve been in contact with since the beginning of the year. She’s a great person and I’m so happy to know that I have her support in this matter. Because you know what? I’M GETTING A CAT! It’s been a long journey to say. To be honest, it started years ago but I’m going to make a long story short. In January I finally got my parents into letting look for a kitten to myself/the family. It’s supposed to be “my” cat and that I will bring him with me the day I move but watching my parents being all excited about taking him home, I’m not so sure about it anymore. Only time can tell. Anyways, I soon realized that Ragdoll kittens are not so easy to get a hand on since it’s one of Sweden’s most popular breeds. I fell into the ends of a not-so-serious breeder and was quite sad over it but than I found a breeder in Stockholm who was going to have kittens in two weeks. I decided to leave her a message, telling her that I would be interested in one of them and two weeks later I got an email which told me she had six new born kittens. Three weeks later I got the chance to pick a kitten, based on color, to visit and see if that cat was the one I wanted to make my own. I choose a Seal Bicolor Lynx Male and two weeks later I visited him and his siblings for the first time and fell in love. He wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but I’m sure he’s what I need.

It has now been six weeks since the first time I visited him and he has grown a lot. He is a very beautiful male and the breeder asked us if we wanted have any kittens on him in the future. (Neutering all kittens before handing them over to their new home are “proofs” that the breeders is a very serious breeder.) But, together with the breeder, we decided that neutering him was the best choice when if he’s a very very beautiful with an amazing pedigree.

One week left until I’m bringing him home. Me and my parents bought the last things for his arrival today and we are now official prepared for the little one to come to his new home. Words can’t describe how excited I am for this, I have been waiting for so many years and this journey have had it’s downs and I’m now ready to close the circle. Just one more week. ♥

My nine weeks old baby boy! ♥


Kitten 7

Kitten 6

Kitten 5

Kitten 2

Kitten 4

Monument Valley

It has almost been 4 months since I returned from my road trip in America. Monument Valley happens to be one of the many amazing places I got to visit during the three week long trip in California. My aunt and I came to Monument Valley right before sunset and got an amazing view of the sun behind the special landscape. Unfortunately we did not stay for long, less than 24 hours actually. However, during the few hours we stayed I got some good photos and we drove around in the sand with our rental car (that was not made for that kind of adventures). I have to say that it was not my favorite stop during the trip but I still enjoyed it a lot!

Monument Valley

Monument Valley 2

Montument Valley Siluett

(I am not sure if these photos were my favorite ones but they were the ones I found on my computer, I also took the photos while the car was still moving so they might be a bit blurry).

The Joker

“Why so serious?” is probably one of the must popular lines from the Batman trilogy. Heath Ledger made the perfect Joker with his incredible acting. Old news, I know. The reason why I am bringing this up is because me and my friend decided to watch all the Batman movies for around a month ago. When we reached the second movie, The Dark Knight, all the memories came back to me. Honest as I am, I have to say that the Joker has always been my favorite character since comics. As a child I used to stay up and watch Batman on Cartoonnetwork. The insanity the Joker possesses is one of a kind and have always catch my interest. So when my friend told me about her birthday/halloween dinner I knew from the start what I was going to be. Sure, Batman is an awesome character but to me the Joker is way beyond. Two hours of makeup and latex was all it took for me to transform into something I can say I was proud over. It might not have been the perfect Joker outfit or makeup but I really liked it. Sadly the latex around my mouth did not stay in place for the whole night. Opening your mouth with latex all around it is easier said than done, especially if you do not want the latex to come off. However, in the end I was very pleased with the result and I know this is a bit late but, HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! ❤

The Joker

The Joker 2


Five months has gone by since the start of this year and this is my first post of 2014. Sad, isn’t it? Schoolwork, friends, job and just lack of interest is the cause. I haven’t had the time or the will to craft, design or do anything of interest. These past months has been preparation months for the graduation. It’s mostly scary to know that the graduation is less than one month away. Questions like, “what am I supposed to do now?” pops up in my head. I did apply for university but my chances to be accepted are small. I’m worried that by the end of the summer I won’t have anywhere to be. Staying at home sounds good for now but I know it isn’t a sustainable solution. However, I still got a summer to decide what I need to do.

During these last months of high school I’ve been working on my senior project. My senior project was to create three demo songs together with an album cover. Not only did I make an album cover but I also made a small booklet (6p). In the end I don’t really know whether I’m satisfied with my work. It always feel like I could have done better. Especially since it’s demo songs and not fully produced ones. And by demo, I mean they are in the early stages of production, where the songs are ideas instead of actual songs. I’m going to link two of the songs in a later post but for now I will show you the booklet.

Sida 1

Sida 2 (pixlad)

Sida 3

Sida 4

Sida 5

Sida 6


Being stressed is something I’m used to nowadays. Dealing with two jobs, school, homework, friends and internet at the same time isn’t easy at any levels. It’s like juggling, you drop one thing and everything falls apart. But I’m trying to avoid it from happening so I haven’t finished the edit work for my two latest chibis, they are finished but I have to edit the video and pictures and it might take a while. However this post won’t be all text, I’m going to share a picture of our last night in Norway.



I was in Norway last July but I have been a lazy ass and started to edit some pictures just a few days ago. And today I finished my editing work. It wasn’t easy because all of the photos were taken during a cloudy day. (me and my usual luck) But in the end I managed to get some okay looking pictures that I will share with you now.








Work in progress

It’s 3 AM right now and I have been working with these two for four hours so far. It will probably take another four hours to finish them with the after work. Can you guys what it will be? Or rather, who it will be? They will not be  identical  but they will similarly. Going to make a post with photos and everything in a few weeks when I have finished them.



Kpop Chibi Blonde Kai


This is the latest clay chibi I’ve made. I got the idea when Kai changed his hair color to blonde for the first time and the day after i found  these pictures (x, x, x) and made a sketch out of them (x). After that it was just time to start and after 4-5 hours of hard work i finally finished my chibi. I used different colors and i had to mix the blonde color myself since i didn’t have the right shade. It took a great afford but i really like result.


The reason why it took me so long to finish it was that i had to mix my own colors and it’s very detailed, i decided to make two “hair layers” for the bangs to make it a bit “putty” and this was also my first attempt to make a beanie. I didn’t thought i would turn out the way it did since all my previous attempts to make hats have always ended in a disaster, so i was really happy when it turned out well.


Everything is made in clay beside the “print” on the sweater, i made it out of nail polish in lack of better paint. As you see it worked out well but don’t forget to put on glaze to protect the print and to give the charm a some shine! And i used fimo clay (polymer clay) but i think sculpey works just as fine~ I hope you like it and just ask me any questions if there’s something on you mind.



In Noway




I’m right now in Norway with my family on a fishing trip. It feels good to be here, inhale the sea water is just something I’ve missed for so long. But tomorrow is the day when we go back to sweden and i have to say that i will really miss this place but we will comeback next year~ The photos above are from my instagram.